Art in any form has the power to move people in inexplicable ways, it may not always be pretty or easy to look at but, someone somewhere needs it.

Its amazing what hidden talents curiosity can bring out of a person. Unlike most people Azari didn't plan on being a photographer someone noticed that he saw things differently and challenged him to let it manifest. The following year he brought his first camera. From landscape to portraits and weddings shortly followed. Starting in 2014, Azari has been perfecting his craft by working with modeling agencies and other creatives. Since, he has been published in Obvious Mag, Caramella Magazine twice and Solis Magazine for his photography and retouching. 

A simplistic approach with emphasis on detailing, styling and lighting has been his niche. Hence, the slogan "shoot sharp, edit clean". His goal is to be a world renown photographer, while simultaneously inspiring people to stay true to their art and never lose themselves or their passion.

Losing himself in art and finding masterpieces along the way. Art has brought him peace. This is the journey, thank you for tagging along for the ride.





Atlanta, Georgia


+1 757-575-4937