Breaking Thresholds

"Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world. "
-Joel A. Barker

Often times we encounter people who see the unparralelled potential in us. Potential that we either have yet to tap into or become too afraid to see. More times than not we place our dreams on hold wether it's because we can't convince ourselves to put the plans into action or use the excuse  "we don't know where to start", when we haven't taken the first step .  After many conversations I realized it was the same for Rahjon, so I immediately began  challenging him to break out of his comfort zone, the first half hour was rough but I could see as time passed his confidence grew.

After the first shoot he told me he loved the images and immediately came back to the studio, but something was different! In between the 2 week period of our shoots Rah had become a student of his crafts from creative ideas and poses to lighting he was prepared and the images reflected just that.  

"The more and more we've collaborated, not only was art created but a friendship has been built. Emotionally i've become at home and comfortable with everything we've created. I know for a fact that everything we've created and plan to create in the future will push me closer to where I want to be" - Rahjon  

Since our last shoot he has been staying busy collaborating with other photographers and even a celebrity stylist. He will be making noise on a major platform very soon, thanks to his eclectic fashion sense and eagerness to create he has no choice but to succeed. 

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